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Back Country Fishing

Backpacking in the mountain country of Colorado has long been a favorite pastime of mine. Fishing in the small-secluded streams, ponds, and lakes I find along the way has provided many campfire tales and memories. If you have backpacked you know that you pack only what you need. The problem arises for us hardcore fishermen. Everyone knows you need a tackle box as large as a small suitcase, 10 different rods and reels, at least 5 pairs of sunglasses and of course a trolling motor. Clearly, it's almost never going to be practical to get all of that gear in a backpack. So if you want to fish those backcountry waters, you're going to have to take to the true necessities of fishing. Take along a backpack rod and reel. These are collapsible or multipart rods that can be easily stowed in a backpack.

Now what do we do for bait? Choose selection of some of our better tackle (I suggest one or two small gold spinner, an assortment of flies including patterns such as a mosquito, a gnat, a caddis, and a few bobbers) and put them in one of the smaller carrying case.

The fish in these backcountry waters are plentiful and a whole lot of fun to catch. But be mindful to only keep what you can eat that day and release(see out releasing fish article) the rest.