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Bass Fishing Tips and Techniques

Bass are indigeous to the continental USA and like still water. They love cover and will most often be found in weedy areas. Our favorite place to fish for Bass is amongst the lilly pads on a cloudy day. You may catch Bass year round but the best temperature for catching bass is betwenn 50 and 80 degrees with 70 degress being the optimal. Bass will grow on average to 2-3 pounds with the largemouth species growing somewhat larger.

Bass like anything that moves, whether it's fish, tadpoles, frogs, or artificial lures. Use soft baits, like plastic worms, tadpoles, and lizards. Bass will hold on to these longer. When you do feel the strike set the hook fast and immediately. The Bass' sense of smell is limited so you use pungent lures, such as Jelly worms, to attract bass with smell alone. The bass is very curious and will strike anything that attracts attention. So don't be afraid to use metallic spinners and brightly colored lures.

During spawning season use a black lizard and pull it across the egg bed. Bass will react very aggressively to save their roe from this intruder.

Since the best spot to catch bass is never weeds and cover use weedless lures when possible. This will cut down on the expense of losing lures.

Bass exsist in a wide variety of temperatures, but tend to get inactive during a cold front. Fish deeper during the sunniest part of the day. Sun seems to adversly affect bass fishing. Seek out shady spots or deeper water with cover. On cloudy or overcast days try shallower waters. In colde water, retrieve your bait slower. Fish tend to react slower in colder temperatures.

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When the day is done and the fish are cleaned, be sure to use one of our favorites recipes to cook you catch.