2004 Big Buck Contest

We have a Winner! Thanks to the 100's that entered. Here are our top 3 Picks.

2004 Big Buck Winner! Congratualations, Scott!

Scott Reeves-Huntsville, Alabama-Thompson Encore Federal 7mm 08

Scored 181 3/4.
Big Bucks This deer looked like an Elk with all the mass and when Don drove up in his truck he was grinning ear to ear ! I had shot the deer in the right rear hip with my Thompson Encore 7mm 08 shooting a 140 grain Ballistic tip and the deer died from massive internal bleeding.This deer scored 181 3/4 gross with only a 12in spread, had a 9in drop tine, right side main beam measured 23 1/2 left side main beam was 23 1/8 the base on both side measured 6 1/2, the G2s where 12 and 14 the G3s 10 and 9 3/4 the deer weighed 335lbs and was figured to be between 7 and 9yrs old. I have to thank Don Tyschuk my Outfitter and Dave White, with out their help I would never have found this deer of a lifetime. I learned a valuable lesson about hunting trophy deer from Don and that is you have to be patient! Don said he had been outfitting his own land for about 15 years and this was the highest scoring buck any of his visiting hunters had ever harvested. Am I a lucky guy or WHAT?? Alberta Whitetail Connection (www.albertawhitetailconnection.com) Don Tyschuk owner and outfitter

Josh Warman-Charleston, IL -Shot Gun - click picture to get closer look

Scored 167 6/8.
Big Bucks I’ve hunted since I was 11 years old; in search of the so called “big buck” that everyone wants to shot. Well, I had no idea that when I got up on the first morning of the first shotgun season here in Illinois that I would shot the buck of a lifetime. I started my day of hunting by getting waked up by cabin owner Mike Curtis. Mike owns the old Curtis Christmas tree farm in Oakland. He yelled up the stairs for me to wake up. I got up and went outside on the deck to see what the temperature was like. It was about 45 and a perfectly quiet morning. I then got dressed in full camouflage, enough to keep me warm. I then went downstairs to the kitchen table to meet my grandpa and Mike to eat a donut for breakfast before we went out. We decided where we were all going to go. I decided I was going to the same stand that I have hunted for years. I had never shot a deer in this stand, but I was determined to. We all three then walked out of the cabin and up the driveway. We all walked to a point until we had to split and go our different ways. I walked slowly and quietly to my stand, not wanting to scare any deer away. I got to my stand and got into it like a snake. I then pulled my gun up and untied the rope off of it. I loaded my gun and patiently waited for th e sun to come up. It seemed as if it was never going to get light. When it finally did get light, I started hearing shot after shot, but I wasn’t seeing any deer to shoot at. Then out of the corner my eye I seen a deer walking straight to me. It was a little four point buck. He got in front of my stand about 40 yards out and I took a shot. He went running off like I hadn’t even hit him. I got down about ten minutes later and looked for a blood trail. I didn’t find any blood or hair. After searching long and hard, I got back up into the stand. Then about an hour later my grandpa called me on the radio and said that he was coming to see if we could find any blood from the deer. In a few minutes I could see him walking toward my stand. I got on the radio and told him to stop and wait where he was at, because I was watching a doe to see if she was going to walk toward me. While I was watching this doe my grandpa went over to a ridge and looked over the hill to see if there were any deer. He stood there and w aited for me to tell him to come over to my stand. While waiting, two deer came up out of the valley about 50 yards to his right. He shot at the buck and missed. The doe went running off and the buck came at a dead run to me. All I seen was a lot of antlers and a big body. I pulled up my gun and fired a shot. It missed. He was running fast so I gave him a little bit of a lead and fired again. It hit him right in the vitals. He took a nose dive to the ground. He was down I thought. I got on the radio and told my grandpa that I had shot a buck. I couldn’t see how big it was though because his head was behind a tree. I got down and walked up to the deer. I was amazed at all the points. It had 19 points. It was unique because it had the start of a second beam that was like a unicorn’s horn. It also had more mass to the antlers than I had ever seen before on a deer. He appeared to be in full rut, because his neck was huge. The deer turned out to be four years old. You could tell he was an old “war horse.” He had one eye that was infected. He also had a lot of gray hairs on his nose and face. Mike came down with the tractor and we pulled it up the steep hill with the tractor and a pulley. We then took it back to the cabin and my dad was now there. He couldn’t believe that it was my deer. Grandpa and I loaded it into my truck and headed for the check station in Charleston, my hometown. We showed my mom and grandma. We then took it to the check-station. After that we took it to the butcher. He capped it out. The next morning I went up to the butcher shop and picked up the head and cape. I then took it to the taxidermist who happens to be my uncle and his 17 year old son. They run Campbell’s Taxidermy. Now I am waiting to get the deer mount back from them. This has been an experience of a lifetime.

Mike Marcum-Washtenaw County Michigan-Hoyt Raider Bow

Scored 197 1/8.
Big Bucks Tree Stand, swamp, private land area. From the tree stand, there was a doe I was ready to shoot, and the Doe grunted, which brought out a lot of deer. The Doe urinated and the Big Buck came out about 50 yards, my hunting partner (100 yards away) shot at an eight pointer, at which point the Big Buck started to run away. The Buck turned around and came back, went to where the Doe urinated, which was 20-30 yards from my tree stand. He rubbed his forehead on a small tree, took one step from the tree and I shot him almost head on, with a clean heart shot. My Buck was CBM Scored At 197 1/8 green score, In Washtenaw County, Michigan at 4:45 PM.

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