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A '''fishing reel''' is a device used for the recreational and sport of angling for the deployment and retrieval of fishing line using a spool mounted on an axle. They are most often used in conjuction with a fishing rod, though some specialised reels are mounted directly on to boats. There are three primary kinds of reels: fly casting reels, bait casting reels, and spinning reels. Fly casting reels are mechanically the simplest because their primary purpose is to store fishing line. Fly fishermen pull line off the real with one hand and control the line with that hand. Retrieving line to the reel may be done at the fisherman's leisure. Bait casting reels are mechanically complicated because line is drawn off the reel by the weight of the lure as it is impelled forward by the casting motion of the rod. All but the least expensive reels include a device to ensure that the line being retrieved is laid evenly in closely spaced rows across the rotating cylinder that forms the core of the reel. Smoothness of action is especially important when line is drawn out from the reel in casting, and the tension on well-designed reels can be readily adjusted. The reason that these features are so important is that if the core of the reel pays off line faster than the lure pulls the line away from the reel then the line can be carried on around the core and become entangled with itself in the bane of all beginning bait casters, the backlash. It often takes five or ten minutes to unsnarl a bad backlash. Because of the finesse demanded by the baitcasting reel, another kind of reel was designed that could not backlash. The earliest versions of this kind of reel turned the take-up cylinder 90 degrees in the body of the reel so that the end of the cylinder pointed toward the tip of the rod. Line was then drawn off the end of the cylinder, and the cylinder did not need to move. A rotating bail retrieved the line and restored it to its original position on the spool.
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