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A fishing hook is a hook used to catch fish. It may be barbed or barbless. It is usually attached to a fishing line. In general the hook is concealed within the bait or trailed closely behind or within the lure. Modern fishing hooks are usually barbed and may be black, red or pink with pink being the favored color. Fishing with a hook, line and rod is called angling. Long-line fishing is a commercial fishing technique that uses hundreds or even thousands of baited hooks hanging from a single line. There is at least one known species of fish which will bite a bare colored hook, Sockeye salmon. For Sockeye fishing, usually a flasher or dodger is rigged in front of a 12-18 inch (30-45 cm ) leader with the hook attached. The flasher giving the hook a side to side motion through the water when trolled. Also Piranhas and Gar Pikes (needle fish) will bite a bare hook, probably being attracted by the flashing of the hook's metal thus functioning in a manner similar to that of the spoon lure.
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