Meet the ProStaff

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Terry Higginbotham

Owner of and The OuachitaGroup, Terry Higginbotham, is an avid hunter, fisherman, and outdoorsman. He runs a research project studying the Whitetail Deer and the American Wild Turkey. He delivers the findings of this study through articles and data published on Visit or email him at:

I Hope It Rains in Heaven
I've been hunting for as long as I can remember. The first hunt I ever went on with my dad, he had to change my diapers. My first real hunting memory is sitting on a tree stand and snuggling under my dad's coat. To this day, I can still smell the musky scent of that old coat.

Take Time to Fish Between the Cracks
The summer of 1972, my brother and I were filling cricket and bait buckets for Mr. K.C. Bray at the Sunset Marina on the Toledo Bend Reservoir just south of Many, Louisiana. It was just another hot, humid, July in the southwest Louisiana.

Brandon Wikman

Our youngest Pro-Staff member is a hunting fanatic and his name is Brandon Wikman, who is six-teen years old. This young gentlemen has been roaming afield since he was eight. Achieving many goals makes him fit in just right with Team Whisper Creek. He may be young, but beware, this Wisconsin native has proved himself in the woods, on stage, and more importantly to the hunting industry. Spending all of his free time scouting and adventuring through farm country, Brandon still maintains a 3.7 G.P.A. at Adams-Friendship High School., where he is on the varsity basketball and football teams. In addition, writing and filming nature at its best.

Mr. Wikman’s hunting achievements consist of bagging several white-tailed deer, eastern turkey, and an array of countless small game. Correlating with four consecutive top three finished at the Wisconsin State Championship, U.S. Open Qualifier, Cabela’s State Championship, and latest Iowa State Competition Turkey Calling Contest, where he placed first. You can also find him on other pro-staffs such as Renzo’s Decoys, Gold Tip Arrows, G5 Broad heads, Interactive Outdoors, and Outdoors men Adventures t.v. just to name a few. Brandon will be speaking at seminars and appearing on many different tv/videos in the near future. He is bound on becoming an outdoor writer and hunting show host. Please feel free to contact Brandon Wikman at (608) 339-7457 or For any comments or questions.

“Sometimes good ol’ serendipity is the answer to success.”

Hunt Bucks Down Before Leaves Touch Ground
Summer is at its last huff of air, and the resurgence of fall is upon us. The nights become cooler, days become shorter and leaves change colors as fast as a chameleon in predator mode only steers the hunting public to one single thing: the infinitely awaited 2004 Archery Season. You can now toss the bottle of Prozac over your shoulder and realize that depression has surceased. The off-season has taken its toll on each of us in a different way. Some hold up better than others.

Almost Like Putting Together a Thousand Piece Jig-Saw Puzzle
Put it in the book's folks, were done! The sweet fragrance of newborn flowers and the reincarnation of mother nature has surceased. All the painstaking effort for the wild gobbler is now history as we know it. The many hours, days or even weeks of intensive turkey hunting has surpassed us. Whether you ate your tag or your bird, I believe us as hunters virtually have no words to exhilarate the sensations and true-feelings of hunting. If you're like me, your heart feels like a sponge during the season

The Dumbstruck Hunter and The Get-a-way Buck
Three amazing events happened to me on the day of November 7th. Turning six-teen being the first, my mother letting me take off a day of school; second. Lastly the most remarkable story of a hunt ‘till this day of my short hunting endeavors. This was a picture perfect day of archery hunting. Almost as if I were in one of those show time hunting videos that all of us hunters know far to well. A damp fall breeze hit my face and I could have swore went right through my bones.

The Laid-Off Hunter
The “turkeer” months are upon us, sandwiched in between the turkey and deer season. A times when the lemonade pours and the grill is more active than you are. Summer is here! Better referred to as the off-season, to the majority of hunters. Reminisces of gobbling and strutting has ceased the mind, while the pursuit of old mossy horns slowly rejuvenates your soul.

Who’s Calling Who the Turkey Here?
Let me first say that a 19-26 pound, 3 foot high, feathered, red-headed bird with a brain the size of your big toe can outwit, outlast and overcome even the best hunters in the woods. Unfortunately I found that out this spring taking out hunters and hunting myself. Truthfully, I couldn’t have been more fit for my five day hunt in Wisconsin . . . although I already knew that it would only take a single day before Mr. Longbeard hit the dirt.