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By Mark Tobin

Bass bite on more different colors than most fish. Water color has a lot to do with what colors they can see best and therefore what colors they'll bite best on. If it's muddy, you can't go wrong with chartreuse or white or a combination of the two. If the water is clear, tone down the colors - browns, watermelon, etc. But always experiment. Spinner baits are very versatile when it comes to the right way to work them. They can be worked in deep or shallow water. Cast or pitch them around any object you can see - trees, docks, pilings, bridge piers, etc. If you can let the bait hit those objects while you're reeling it in, that's even better. On shallow objects, reel just fast enough to keep the bait just under the surface. In deep water, let it sink around deep points, humps, or deep brush. Use a slow to medium retrieve and hold on!

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