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Trout Fishing Tips and Techniques

Trout are indigeous to the continental USA and like fast moving clean water. They are very cautious and look for live bait. Our favorite weather to fish for trout is on a dull cloudy day. The gray skies help not to spook the fish. You may catch Trout year round but the best seasons for catching trout are in the Spring and Fall. Brook Trout prefer water to be 55° to 60°. Rainbow trout Like the water a little woarmer 60° to 65°. Trout will Grow to will grow on average to 1/2 - 2 pounds.

Trout like natural baits, but small spoons and flies work well also. If you prefer natural baits,as we do, then go with worms, salmon eggs, corn or Cheese.

Trout are very cautious fish, so don't splash or make loud noises. Be careful not to cast your shadow over your fishing area. When fishing a stream, cast upstream and let your bait float downstream naturally with the current. Retrieve slack as the bait progresses. If the water is cold, try to cast your lure right in front of the trout. Trout won't chase a lure to far in cold water.

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When the day is done and the fish are cleaned, be sure to use one of our favorites recipes to cook you catch.